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How did mirahost become the reflection of thousands of business and organizations? By listening to our clients and providing the service they need, always one step ahead of their expectations. Take a moment to learn more about mirahost - your online reflection

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Organizational Stability

By building solid relationships with multiple Tier One internet providers and data centers, we can provide World Class speed, stability, and security without the headache of multi-million dollar investments. More importantly we have eliminated the risks associated with such investments, if one of our premier providers collapse under financial burden, we have the ability to swiftly stabilize over an alternate provider. This business model allows for each participating company to focus on what they do best; this allows mirahost to focus on service and support.

Dependable Technology

Innovative Technology

Our professional development experts are continuously upgrading systems with the latest technology and developing innovative tools and features that will add even more functionality to your Web site and improve the efficiency of your site management.

High Quality Cutting costs on quality does nothing but create potential issues for our clients and support staff. We can easily justify purchasing only the best products for our elite web services. Additionally, no single network point or server shall ever bear a load higher then 60% of its recommended capacity, this ensures that the highest performance and stability is there when you really need it.

Dependable People

Dedicated People

The success of mirahost has little to do with businessmen, buying power, or sales tactics, but rather the core of mirahost itself. This core evolved from a bright group of individuals who had no true business objective, they simply wanted to learn all they could about the internet. This endless quest for understanding became a surging business as others enlisted there talents and services. These are dedicated people, people who will take the time to answer your question or research a solution, because they have their own need for understanding. There is a satisfaction found in knowledge and there is the reward of gratitude found in assistance.

Long-term Experience We have the experience you are looking for. We've been in the internet world for many years and have seen the changes that have occurred trough out the industry. Our experience and expertise have enabled us to develop tools and programs to respond to these changes and continue to offer our customers the highest level of service and support.

Dependable Service

Increased Customer Focus

Our commitment a dedication to customer service is an important and distinguishing characteristic of mirahost. Our primary goal is to establish and sustain long-term relationships with each of our customers. We invite you to contact us.

Hassle Free Service We strive to make sure your service is as easy to use as possible. mirahost wants to provide you with hassle-free service and support; there is no pressure or obligation. Our plans do not require a contract, so if your requirements change, you can take appropriate steps without any sort of stress. We make it easy for you.

Life is Good Yes, we may look clean and corporate on the outside, but on the inside we are all free spirits enjoying the experience of life. In between meetings, conference calls, client assistance, and hardware upgrades, we like to have fun. What kind of fun can you have at work? How about playing guitar in the lounge, socializing with nature, walking the dogs (yes, we encourage the humane treatment of animals, don't leave them at home all day, bring them to work!), yoga, meditation, or just reading a book outside. A healthy work environment promotes productivity, efficiency, and better service.

As for what we do; think of us as your technology partner for the internet. We'll help you manage all aspects of your website.