Maui Web Hosting - Project Management - Consulting - Web Design and Web Development


Our services and expertise cover the full development cycle for your business website, application, or idea. We offer consulting and assistance with your concept from planning to project development. We provide on-going maintenance and updates, including web hosting and application security.

Project Management

We lead challenging projects to success. From concept planning, development team management, to strategic launch.

Mirahost provides Project Management to take your projects from idea to success. We lead each step of the process from concept development to on-going maintenance. We deliver quality code while maintaining the most efficient development in terms of time and cost.

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Website and Application Development

We design and develop beautiful websites and apps with clean code and exceptional performance.

This means your website and app are fast, responsive, and look great on all browsers and devices. We ensure that it is quick and easy to make changes and updates to your content as your business grows. With an experienced team of developers we can tackle all of your front-end, back-end, and e-commerce development needs.

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Brand Creation

We build inspirational branding with the guidance of our experienced design team.

At Mirahost we take the time to understand your business, vision, and customers to design branding that will best represent your business and ethos. We use an interactive design process to incorporate your feedback and ensure we deliver a truly beautiful brand that makes a lasting impression on your customers.

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Web Hosting

We provide web hosting solutions ranging from simple website hosting to complex cross-continent solutions that provide near instant content delivery to every part of the globe.

Focus on your business and don't worry about your website. We will manage every aspect of your website hosting to ensure that it is always online and will scale to meet any surge in traffic. If your website is not performing its best, your search engine ranking will suffer and your sales will be less than optimal.

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UX/UI Design for Websites and Apps

We design websites and mobile apps that are beautiful, intuitive, and easy to use.

Our team of experienced designers start with wire-framing and prototyping, while collecting feedback to further refine the design. Once happy with the design we move into building a high resolution version of each page of your website or screen of your app. We incorporate your feedback and constantly integrate feedback to deliver a design that is intuitive and easy to use while also providing a beautiful design.

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