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Project Management

Effective Management from Development to Launch

Project Management is the process of planning, managing, and directing the work of a team to bring complex ideas to reality.

Mirahost has been managing successful projects and efficient development teams for 20 years.

We cover the entire project life-cycle, from Business Viability Research, to Team and Developer Recruitment, to Product Development, Monitoring, and Progress tracking. We ensure that each project is completed as quickly and efficiently as possible while focusing on quality code and deployment.

We provide the following Project Management Services:

  • Vet the viability of a project or business idea through cost analysis and market research
  • Provide time / cost / scope estimates to get a clear picture of development costs and timelines
  • Create funding proposals and give presentations to potential investors
  • Organize and lead team recruitment for designers, developers, and project leaders
  • Provide team management and direction
  • Monitor the development progress and track individual tasks and objectives
  • Perform code reviews and quality audits
  • Lead web hosting infrastructure planning and deployments
  • Perform in depth security reviews and audits
  • Establish application and service monitoring with detailed up-time reports
  • Provide on-going maintenance, support, and refinements

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